Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wicked Death And Charming Life

The saddening news of one of Hollywood’s most revered actor Robin Williams’s death was probably the most talked news yesterday. Social media was abuzz with talks about his alleged suicide. This got me thinking on the age old topic of life versus death.

Life can be easy or difficult. But death can only be easy. Death is a moment of reality. I have heard people talk about painful death. But how can it be painful, because if you can feel the pain then you are still alive.

Many a times we wish for death. May be we feel defeated; maybe we don’t have the courage to face life. But when death stares at us, eye to eye, we get scared and pray for life. If not all, few of us for sure would really feel the fear.

Death like darkness is patronized by all at some point in everyone’s life. It thought of death enlightens the poet in all. It’s romanticized by writers too. Some believe it to be evil. Others say it is a simple reality of life. A logical thing, you may say, since everything which has life has to die eventually in this mortal world. Yet it’s doesn’t stop being something mesmerizing.

Wicked mind is never silent. It pokes you, pushes you to try the untried, do the undone. Death can be wicked too. Inviting at times, asking us to embrace it. The trick is to stay sane and not to fall for its charm. Life is charming too, may be its worth romancing life too.

-         VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


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