Sunday, July 6, 2014

Own the mind and be a wise charioteer

"Thoughts can be powerful yet catastrophic too,
The trigger could be anything that you never chose,
But the choice of acting on those thoughts are your own,
Own the mind and be a wise charioteer."

Uncertainty is a given in our mortal life. Everything and anything around triggers a million thoughts. The choice to act on these thoughts are solely ours. 

Many a times we act on the wrong thoughts and dwell into the act of over thinking. The negative vibe of the thought grows on us and our actions are influenced by it. It is always a matter of choice. Had we decided to crush the bud of the negative thought we could have had a pleasant outcome. 

A lot of problems that we seem to battle are our own creation. Its a choice we always have a simple one is to be wise. Lets simply pick and nurture the positive thought and life ahead will sure be a smoother one.

~ VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace!

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