Monday, May 26, 2014

The struggle to stay real

"It doesn't matter what happens after you die,
Whether you are buried or burned is immaterial.
What certainly matters is how you live your life,
Cynics will blabber, you just get busy being yourself."

A substantial amount of our life is lost in thinking about the future and some more is lost in obscure thoughts about life after death too. Another chunk of our life is lost in thoughts of the past. In all this mayhem the most critical phase gets the least attention. That’s the present!

I know a lot has been written about and a lot has been read by almost all of us. I am not a preacher of any sort. I am just analyzing my own life and hope that I make all possible attempts to live and relish the present. Uncertainties are part of life and just another to be accepted reality.

We all know what should be the ideal path and we all in our own way strive to stay on the desired path. But we all at some point keep straying away from our desired paths. And then we need to bring things back to perspective and make the necessary course corrections.

What’s most important is to ensure we try and be ourselves despite the contradicting forces. The biggest fear I have is that I would lose the real me in the constant struggle of life. That’s the battle I keep fighting to win. At the end of it all the world may or may not be on my side, but the smile on my 
face will stay real.

VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

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