Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dark Night And The Sleepless Mind


I woke up again
In the dead of the night,
Thoughtless and blank,
I was lying on the mat,
Starring at the green roof,
Trying to find answers,
To questions unknown.

There was noise amidst the silence,
Tiny rain drops hitting the roof,
And then trickling down to the ground,
It was some strange music,
Being composed by nature in the darkness.

I tried to close my eyes,
Drown myself in unstructured thoughts,
I could feel the soul
Humming silent prayers,
Wishing for sanity to return,
Voices kept echoing in darkness,
Telling me that I’m trying too hard.

I slowly gave into the chaos,
Kept swimming through cluttered mind,
I was being dragged deeper,
Into the trap of the unknown,
Where they thoughts of my soul,
Or manifestation of my mind?

Was there no end to this?
The complex ordeal of mind and soul.
There was no answer, no clarity,
And I kept sinking in deeper.
I just hoped from within
That sanity would prevail eventually,
And I would be able to
Fall asleep listening to the lullaby
Being sung by the rain.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. What do I say.....sometimes the poet inside us gets this divine existence. Only thing I did not get is the "green roof"??


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