Monday, February 24, 2014

Success, Just Another Milestone And Not The Destiny

The biggest fear many of us breed within us, is the fear of being judged. I said breed because it’s an outcome of our own self doubt. We are all preached to follow the line discipline from a young age. We are also threatened that any act to break the discipline will only lead to catastrophic disaster or something of that sort.

Success becomes the centre of our universe and every action or reaction of ours is presumed to be relative to our ability to achieve it. The aspect of being able to win the race becomes the only parameter to evaluate a person. In this process of mad rush we all forget the value attached to the paths we choose.

No one is here to end up as looser in all walks of life. Success is desirable to all, but that being said it’s not always about the societal judgement which decides if you have achieved it.

Be a rebel and shun all critics is not what I aim to advocate. I believe none of us need to accept defeat bogged down by critics. If we were to accept our shortcomings and modify our approach, we would find ways to renew our pursuit. If we were to stay unimpeded by the remarks of people who are judgemental and pursue the path of achieving excellence, success would sure be just another milestone and not the destiny.

-          VJ ~ Says Cheers and Peace


  1. My definition of Success would be when u do smthing which u love even when noone supports u and one day people realize ur worth and not only that u will hv the satisfaction that u achieved something which mean Success thru my eyes..,, .. nice words of motivation,, Keep on sharing!!!

  2. So true .. love this thought !


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