Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Accidental Love Story Of Strangers

Hey you stranger,
Would you like to talk to me?
I am feeling lonely tonight,
Would you like to walk with me?

Let’s share some stories,
Stories of our lives,
Some stories with a smack of salt,
Some stories with a dash of sugar.

The walk may not be long,
The togetherness will be short,
We may turn strangers again,
As we reach the next crossroads.

But the pain of separation wouldn’t be heavy,
For our hearts will be lighter.
We both will be smiling as we part ways,
For our minds will be free of some baggage,
And our hearts filled with love and joy.

Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy A.K.A #GabbyVJ


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks... Glad to know that you like it.

  2. I imagined happiness in both strangers through your poetry...really awesome! - sundhari


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