Friday, July 19, 2013

Together Forever Until Sunset Of Our Lives

She was sitting alone at sea shore,
Her eyes twinkled with joy,
As she looked with affection at her feet,
The shining silver toe ring,
A gift, a symbol of love, wrapped with promises.

He had told her a year ago on this very day,
He will be back and they would meet again,
He had gone far away across seven seas,
But today he would return to her forever.

She looked up at the sky,
There were no twinkling stars tonight,
But the moon did shine bright,
In the distant moon too she saw his reflection.

She felt a gentle tap on her shoulder,
She turned around and it was him,
He had kept up his promise,
He was back in her arms again.

The kiss that night in the moonlit night,
It said it all without any words spoken.

A new journey was about to begin,
A journey of togetherness,
Not just filled with promises of a new life ,
But the one in which they would be together forever,
They had both made a promise that night;
This journey of togetherness would last until sunset of their lives.

Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy A.K.A #GabbyVJ


  1. Lovely lines...and a great capture too!!

  2. Thanks Aditi... Glad you liked it :)

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  4. nice great.lines ...hmmmm feeling r soo true !! love n life journey ..success when we 'll find great partner beside n promise be together forever with u ...:)

    1. Thanks Priya... Love indeed is intoxicating... :)

  5. yeah, the joy of lovers' togetherness is everlasting!
    nice poem.

  6. Great pic... made better by the words


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