Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DWAR – A Door To Transformation From Within

She was blessed with kindness,
She was bestowed with charm,
She was born to fly high and free,
And not to be caged and be abused.

Her silence is not acceptance of oppression,
If her beauty can sway your heart,
Her anger can burn you to ashes.

Couple of weeks ago or so I just happened to view a teaser of the short film called “Dwar” (to check out the Promo click here). And I must admit I was impressed and was also intrigued as to what the full version of it would be like. And then couple of days ago I received the link to view the full version of the film from the makers of the film Know Your Star. (To check the full version click here). I viewed it once and then I viewed it again. The next few minutes I sat there in front of my laptop in silence, for I was blown away by what I had watched.

It’s not the creativity alone showcased in the film by the makers that triggered me to write this post. It was the cause they addressed through this short film called “Dwar” that instinctively made me grab my pen and pour out my heart out on my scribbling pad for it had made an impact.

Dwar” is not just about the society we are a part of that is plagued with rising instances of harassment of women. It’s about taking a stand and fighting back. It’s about a beginning to put an end to this menace of abuse against women.

It’s not about being sympathetic towards the cause that the movie addresses. It’s about making every women realise their strength. In a nation that prays every morning to goddesses galore for their well being, isn’t it shameful that certain section of the very same nation treat women as mere objects of desire.

Public records state that in the last five years the registered cases of women harassment has increased by 25%. This doesn’t take into account those countless cases across the nation where women have chosen to stay silent or have been silenced by society. There are certainly large numbers of cases were women may not have spoken in open about the instances of abuse because of societal pressures.

I believe the time has come for us to come together and put an end to this menace. It’s about time for transformation to set in. Its time every man begins to look within and question his intents and pledges to cleanse his soul and the society. It’s also time for every woman to awaken her inner strength, stand her ground and say enough is enough. It’s about time she spreads her wings and flies freely like the angel she was born to be.

Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy A.K.A #GabbyVJ

P.S: Join the movement; express your thoughts in words and action by joining the initiative by "Know Your Star" by click on this link “Rise Against Punishable Eccentricity"


  1. Like i said before, an explosive piece of truth you've presented! With more men with views like these, hope lives... Cheers!

    1. Cheers! I am sure there are plenty of men who share my sentiments, hoping the number will only grow with coming days :)

  2. This is incredible! Has given us massive thumbs up! Thank you :)

  3. Thanks Jaideep... Glad I could contribute to your massive cause in my own small way... Cheers!

  4. Thanks for a great post - I recently met a woman hater via blog :( reading this was very meaningful God bless you

    1. Thanks for your kind words... we live in a world which is desperately in need of peace and harmony... we all together can contribute to it :)

  5. It's disheartening that so much of injustice still exists.. Women still are being targeted, abused, raped.. It's really high time we decide to stop this.. Glad that you chose this topic.. It's only by speaking more and more on this can we put a stop to such things.. New to your blog.. Nice blog.. Following you..


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