Friday, July 19, 2013

Confession Of A Blogger

Right now the clock on my desk reads 07:54 AM and on this very same desk is are few of my friends swimming joyfully in the aquarium. Back of my mind a question pops up, "why you writing all this just hours before you rush to work?" I am doing this so that I can document my thoughts right now in my mind before they evaporate. Some confessions too are pending to be expressed.

First thing first, the work-home-eat-sleep and the continuous loop that this process being followed had almost killed the real me. Killed it all until I came across an update that my blog has been nominated along with what I believe hundred or as I think thousands of other blogs for "The Indian Blogger Awards 2013!" #IBAwards2013 organized by 

The nomination is a true story and you get the details by clicking this Link:

Confession number 1 is that the first reaction of mine to this was wow! It may or may not yield anything at all like an award for my blog which I presume is not as popular others that I know. But it did push me out of my comfort zone and made want to start blogging vigorously again.

Confession number 2, for some odd reason on that night at an odd hour of the night I sent out messages to all known friends that my blog exists and its nominated too. A lot of them gave me positive response with words of encouragement.

Confession number 3, I failed miserably to pen anything last night on my blog and kept starring at the blank untitled word document on my laptop. All the way trying to figure out what to write. The end result was zilch, I ended up shutting my laptop with not a single word being typed and ended up drifting into deep sleep.

Confession number 4, I woke up at 5:00 AM today morning and felt a sudden surge of unknown energy restlessly trying to find a way to explode. And it did end up exploding and the result was 5 new poems in a matter of 75 odd minutes. I plan to post these poems one a day starting today. Not real sure how people who will stumble and tumble into my blog and read it would react. I did read out couple them to my wife and she seemed pretty happy. Happy that I had finally wrote something after 10 dry days in my notebook, the last one I wrote anything was on 9th July 2013.

So now that I am done with my confessions, its time for me to update one of those 5 poems. Hopefully a few like minded souls will connect with it.

Wishing you all a great day ahead. Cheers and Peace! Stay safe!

- Vijay Shenoy A.K.A #GabbyVJ

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