Thursday, July 4, 2013

Believe In Your Dreams

“Dreams are not mere imaginations of your mind,
 They are the true desires impregnated in your soul,
 Have the courage to believe in your dreams,
 Success or failure of it will not make or break your life,
 But it will sure give you the courage to be yourself,
 It will help you discover the real you,
The real you, who is imprisoned by your own doubts.”

There are several instances in our lives when we feel that we have hit rock bottom. In fact the word rock bottom itself is largely overused by every one of us. It’s true that we all have our high and low points in life. But it’s all just different phases of life. Sometimes we feel euphoric and at other times we are depressed. The key to happiness the way I see it is to strike a balance between euphoria and depression.

Yes we all become sad when few dreams we cherish don’t turn into reality. But dreams have no expiry date. So it’s all about keeping the faith alive. Believe in your dreams no matter how small they are to the world. The society is no one to judge you and give verdict about who you are. Be courageous to be who you are, flaunt your true self. The real you who resides in your soul should emerge out of the self imprisonment. Give yourself a chance to discover the real you. Love the real you, break the shackles of doubt and fly free. Remember happiness is just a state of mind.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. Amazing post bud... really liked the whole feel of it..

    1. Thanks @Maverick... glad you like it ... cheers :)


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