Friday, July 5, 2013

An Incomprehensible Love Story

Miles away in a distant land,
A heart beats for a soul across seven seas.
Their destinies are entwined mysteriously,
But they shall never meet.

The two souls don’t crave to be in each other’s arms,
All that they share is a mystic bond.
They never met ever before,
Nor do they know if they will ever meet.

She looks up at the sky and whispers words of love to the clouds,
She hopes that they will travel to the other side of the world.
He stands tall on the misty mountains,
He tries to reach out to the messengers, the invisible clouds.

This mystifying relation is pure and unadulterated,
A relation incomprehensible to mortal fellow souls,
They shall forever be anonymous lovers,
Their love residing in forever sealed in each other’s spirit.  

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. VJ, that was soulfully romantic!! so wats on the poet's list next?

    1. Thanks Usha... Sorry for the delayed response held up with penning new stuff.. Stay tuned for more.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Shanthala... You have been a great support


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