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Rays Of Love Brighten Life

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“You know it's not you out there,
Smiling because you have to,
Exchanging can of lies to please thy ego,
Stubbing the truth and shunting you emotions,
Doing things you always despised.
All you ever wanted to be is free,
To speak unmindful of outcomes,
To be shamelessly truthful,
But now you are none of these.”

Karan reread the lines he had penned in his diary the previous night. A frail smile appeared on his face. He then walked out to the balcony of his apartment and lit up his fifth cigarette for the night. As he exhaled the smoke, he stared at the empty street. He took another drag, as he let go the smoke he drifted into a flash back of a sort. All the events that transpired during the day flashed in front of his eyes.

He knew when he penned those words in his diary the previous night; it was a sign that he had enough of the mediocrity in his life. He had decided to finally put an end to it all by quitting his job. Although he was still uncertain what he would do once he had quit the job. But he was certain that he couldn't continue in it any longer. He would often complain to self, “How much more can I take of this shit. I am not what I had wished to be.” He was a closet writer, an artist at heart and he now wanted to live the life his heart desired.

He heard his mobile phone beep as he went into the kitchen to get yet another beer can. He pulled out his phone from his pocket. It was Sushma’s message on whatsapp. He selected it to read the message in detail. It read, “I am leaving for Lonavala tomorrow morning at 6 AM, Do you want to join?” 

He was puzzled for a moment; it was odd as they hardly exchanged messages, least at this hour. She resided in the flat bang opposite to his, but the only time they exchanged pleasantries was when they met at the railway station every day. It was known to Karan alone that he secretly admired her and always wanted to express it to Sushma. But Karan never let his secret admiration be known.

He walked back to his balcony and he saw her standing by the window. She pinged him again on his phone, “Yes or No?” He looked at the clock hanging on the wall in the living room, it was already 4 AM. He thought it’s him or her or both who are out of their mind. He looked at her and smiled as he flashed thumbs up sign at her.

Three hours later they were cruising along the express highway, he rolled down the car window as he lit a cigarette. She extended her hands asking for drag. She puffed on the cigarette in her right hand as she steadied the steering with her left hand. They hadn't spoken much ever since they started off from Mumbai. A few hours later she pulled over the car to the side and asked him to take over the driver’s seat. Karan was a little hesitant for he knew he was an amateur at it, yet she persisted.

They took off again, that’s when she spoke, “I read your status message on Facebook, you sounded a little worried, yet intrinsically your words spoke of some kinda feeling of freedom. So what’s the matter?” He didn't know what to say, he just smiled and said, “I just quit, guess I couldn't take it anymore. Now wondering what next?” To which she chuckled and said, “You at least quit, I got fired. So here we are two unemployed people, one by choice and other my chance and I’m loving it.”

They were engrossed in their chit chat and then suddenly Sushma said, “Hey Karan, slow down the car would you? And now just take the next left”. “Hey, this road doesn't lead to Lonavala” said Karan. To which Sushma said, “Sure it doesn't. But it leads to where I wish to go.”

Karan obliged and took the left turn as indicated by Sushma. What lay ahead was a bumpy road on which Karan continued to drive. He was puzzled where would these roads lead them to. And then the car came to a screeching stop, for it was a dead end ahead. Sushma got out of the car and screamed her name out aloud with arms wide open and all that she could hear was her echo. She looked back at Karan who had just alighted from the car and smiled. Karan was surprised looking at the scenic valley ahead of him, it was still cold and a strong breeze of wind blew across their face.

Sushma comfortably sat on one of the rocks and lit up her cigarette. Next few minutes passed in silence. Karan was still standing by the car and Sushma was starring at the blue sky. A few moments later Karan joined Sushma as he sat besides her looking at the silent valley and the hills around. The rays of Sun which was climbing up the horizon were now striking down upon them. He saw Sushma smiling as she tried to block them with her hands and enjoy the warmth of the sun. He began scribbling words on his little notepad as Sushma watched him and when he was done she snatched the notepad and read aloud the words he had scribbled,

“The sun rays breaking the shackles of the cloud,
Pierced down upon earth on a cold winter morning.
She sat there on the rock in silence absorbing it all,
The warmth made her smile, the joy was evident on her face.”

“Are these words for me Karan?” asked Sushma coyly. Karan just looked at her and smiled as he took back his notepad. Their hands brushed against each other, they shared a smile. It was Sushma who said it, “Don’t let go of my hand, for they have waited for a long time to be held.” They sat together in silence for the next few hours in silence, holding hands, enjoying the moment of togetherness.

Little drops of rain trickled down Sushma’s cheeks as it began to rain. They both rushed back to the car not before they were half drenched in the rain which only got heavier as they reached the car. They stood in front of the car unwilling to get into it; they seemed to enjoy this moment giggling together as they got wet in the rain. They spread their arms in air as they looked up at the sky in a manner of embracing it. Karan pulled Sushma closer and kissed her wet cheeks, as he whispered in her ear,

“I do not know what life holds for me in days ahead,
But I do know that I will never let go of you my love.
It may not be always rosy the way poets describe,
But I would never let tears of misery run down thy cheeks.”

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

Note: Please do share your thoughts in the comment section, it’s always a joy to be encouraged by critics and words of love.


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