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Mystical Music Awakens The Dormant Soul

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Let’s make the life bestowed upon us worthy, every second of it. These moments which you call the present today, will just be memories tomorrow. #LiveNow

These were the lines I penned last Friday when I was watching a band called Aghor playing live at Bak Bak Bar. These Score Nights gig have slowly started becoming a part of my Friday night routine. Guess as long as the entry tickets are priced within my affordable budget they would continue to stay a part of my routine.

So this band Aghor, were quite a surprise pack for me. I had not heard about the band or the music, not before I watched them live. It was about curiosity getting better of me, which pushed me to enlist myself with the Score Magazines guest list for the evening with a bunch of friends. 

One of the band guys introduced self and his band to the audience. May be it wasn’t one of the best introduction, it didn’t really seem convincing enough to draw the attention of the audience. But it all changed when they finished playing their first song. And then from that moment on they had everyone’s attention throughout the gig. Their music did the trick what their talks couldn’t. I still remember what I tweeted after I had heard their first song, “They are called #Aghor. One song down and I must admit they are good. Long trip ahead! @highonscore at #BakBakBar”

It’s very difficult to classify as to what genre of music Aghor belongs to. If I was to generalize and slot them in one particular bucket may be I would call the bucket “Fusion”. It appeared to me that each member of this band brings to the table their own distinct flavour of music. The mix of music which my ears enjoyed that night included Spanish Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, Hindustani classical, folk and may be more. It was heartening to know that the band members owe their origin to different places and music united them. The music this band creates in unison is truly pleasing to all ears and souls.

The band is a brain child of their lead guitarist, Nikhmal Gartaula from Nepal. Who was undoubtedly the most amazing performer that night. The other members of the band who are equally amazing include the vocalist, Jataveda Banerjee (You can check out some of her songs on soundcloud: ), Shakthidhar Iyer with the Flute, Mario Stevens on Bass Guitar, Sanjeet on Drums and Sanju the Percussionist.
Later I got to know that Aghor have also been featured in recently released music album "Vayuputras" by Times Music along with the few other amazing artist such as Taufiq Qureshi and Palash Sen. You can enjoy some of their music by logging onto

All in all it was yet another amazing score night for me, Yet another memorable Friday night. These Score Nights have made my love for music only grow fonder. Music simply takes me into its arm, showers its warmth and makes me feel alive again.

VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


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