Friday, February 15, 2013

Life Is More Than Battling Reality

“If Life is a reality, so is death.
If Truth is a reality, so is lie.
If Love is a reality, so is hate.
Time oscillates between real and the unreal,
Unreal too is a reality in the making.
You will always wish to change your present, 
But the present is real and so are your wishes too.
You might try and fail to change your realities,
What you forget to respect in the game is your individuality.”

Well these words pretty much sum up everything that I wanted to convey. Now there isn’t any particular incident that happened which actually triggered these words. It was just few thoughts bubbling up in my mind and I had to find a way to let them escape.

Now when I read my own words again, I believe we all at some point feel and experience the essence of feelings that I tried to convey in our life. Sometimes we do find time to reflect upon those thoughts. There are also other times when we seldom think about them and let them go by.

But think about it, we all wish the realities of life that we live would have been different than what they are. May be some of them, may be not all or may be all of them. If reality could have been not just random occurrences, but if they were to be dreams manifested in our minds coming true.

We all find it so hard to accept and at the end of it all, I mean the realities that we live, forced or unforced. But in this whole game called life we at times fail to accept the fact that may be we are all meant to be the way we are. There is a sense of individuality and uniqueness we are born with. This uniqueness somehow is lost in the battle against the so called reality.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


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