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Lasting Memories Of A Sunday With Lagori !!!

There are Sundays, there are good Sundays and then there are the ones which make us exclaim ‘what a great Sunday!’ Well it was definitely one such Sunday which deserves to be called ‘What a Great Sunday!’ It had all the perfect ingredients, beginning with preparing the breakfast with the person I love the most in my life and ending with a memorable musical gig by Lagori at the Souk On The Move event in Bangalore.

"You haven't really lived your life,
Until and unless you have enjoyed it,
Enjoyed it despite the shortcomings,
Enjoyed it despite its imperfections."

These words of mine reflect two paradigms of life, when I penned them I could picturise two distinct contexts of having been inspired from. One context is my own life which seems to have triggered it. It’s a story which has me as its protagonist. A life in which I continue to stay in the chase to achieve a distinctly visible yet invisible end point. The end point would be as I imagine it time again and again; I lie down in my grave with a smile on my face. A smile which reflects the acceptance and rejoice of having achieved or probably having tried to achieve what I set out to achieve in my long, short life. (Considering the fact that I’m uncertain how long is this mortal life for).

The other context that I refer to in the above thought of mine is the event to which I was a witness for. I witnessed an amazingly young and energetic band, Lagori, playing with their heart out to appease a few hundred people who were gathered to watch them. A few of these spectators may go back home saying that that the sound wasn’t great, there were few technical glitches and other critics which are nothing but self depressing thoughts. And I’m certain many others including me would appreciate the fact that we witnessed a band playing music with all their heart. The venue might have been small, the acoustics may not have been as great as they would have wanted it to be. Nevertheless they enjoyed it, gave it their best,  involved everyone present and reached out to audiences souls with their performance. 

For the ones who are wondering who Lagori is, here is a quick insight. They are one of the young, soulful and emerging bands from Bangalore. It’s difficult to slot these guys in one particular genre. Their music is a mix of Classical, Indian Folk and Fusion Rock. Their music reflects essence of modern Indian youth. In their own words Lagori’s music reflects the varied influences of each band member, culminating in unique, fresh and honest sound. They play largely in Hindi and their performances include a few Kannada songs too. The band members include TejasShankar the vocalist, Geeth Vaz & Edward Rasquinha on guitar, ShaliniMohan on bass guitar and Vinyl Kumar on drums. I have followed their music for a while now and watched them live for the first time at the Storm Festival in Coorg.

The Sunday’s performance included many of their original compositions. Which include few of my favourites viz, Jeene do, Darbari, Aasma and couple of Kannada songs including The KashmirSong". They also played couple of covers which noticeably included Kailash Kher’s ‘Toota Toota Ek Parinda’. The evening came to an end with Lagori’s original composition “Boom Shankar”. The guitar trio of  Geeth Vaz, Edward Rasquinha  and  ShaliniMohan  were mesmerizing with their fingers plucking the strings.  Vinyl Kumar as usual drummed away to glory. Tejas Shankar distinctly displayed great energy encouraging the audience to join in and sing along for almost every song. 

There was this one moment when Tejas called out for the love birds in the audience. One hand which went up in air or should I say the only one, was that of Vinyls dad. Who then hummed couple of lines of a romantic Tamil song to his valentine, his better half. Now that was indeed a memorable moment. What made the entire gig really enjoyable was the energy the entire band displayed in their performance. The crowd had finally been won over. 

Now it’s almost an hour and half past midnight. The not so liked Monday has already knocked on the doors of our life. Most of the people who played at the gig and the ones who watched may be fast asleep. And I sit in my chair and look back at the evening gone by. I realize it’s delivered the message it had for me. And I can only go to sleep once I have said and shared the little lesson of sort I learnt. Life is not meant to be dissected, examined and conclusions drawn from all the time. As I always believe life is also about , enjoying the tiny moments of joy. It’s these moments which culminate together to make our life a happy one.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


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