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Words From A Broken Heart

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Deserted I stood, in her absence.
Uncertain and unsure I was,
Will she ever return?
The heart ached, in her want.
Will she ever be back in my life?
The question stared into my eyes.

It was never expected,
It all happened so sudden.
Wish you had stepped back,
Wished you had reasoned it all.
Life could have been different,
I speak to self and console my soul.

I still stand on the path of departure,
Looking out for signs of your return.
The heart believes you have not gone away,
You are still around the woods we met,
Just hiding round the corner looking at me.
I sense your feeble foot sounds,
I am still here waiting for you,
Waiting for you to turn around.

- VJ Says Cheers and Peace


  1. Such an honest expression Vijay, hope not yours. The line where you have written about stood where you met in woods is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Saru... Delighted to hear such words from a seasoned blogger like you... can't deny that the words of this poem are influenced by my own life.

  2. The anguish wafts across those lines. Beautiful.

    1. Thank You umashankar. Appreciate you visiting my blog.

  3. Nicely written. . can feel the pain in lines. .

    1. Thanks... Glad you could sense the essence.. cheers!

  4. I kept seeing myself, my anguish in the poem.
    So straight forward, and a soulful composition.

    1. Thanks Anshul... Glad you could connect with my thoughts and writing... Cheers!

  5. Love makes us all so vulnerable! very touching.

    1. True Portia... it makes us vulnerable indeed... Thanks... Glad you liked it :)

  6. Heartfelt. Really heartbroken?

    1. Thanks... Well can't deny moments of my life do reflect in my words of this poem :)

  7. Oh, why this after that 'girl with a sparkling soul'? I hope you are not actually heart-broken. I wish to see all young people successful in their love.

    1. Well life and love are both unpredictable... the blows and lows are inevitable at times... cheers glad you shared your thoughts...


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