Thursday, November 1, 2012

#NoGyanJustBakwaas By Gabby VJ on #Change and #Reality

"Don't blame the time if people have changed,
Don't blame the people if time has changed.
They say people change with changing time, 
But then time doesn't change with changing people."

"When I say its black, you say its white,
When I say its White, they say its red,
The choice colors change, so does the perspective,
What stays constant is the fact that we are talking about color,
Color is the reality, colors are how we perceive reality."

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. meaningful bakwaas, I will wait for more!

  2. Glad you you were able to decipher the meaning in them. Yeah will sure share for more. For the latest check

    Cheers and Peace :)


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