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Love You Forever !

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Rohit was busy reviewing the weeks TRP ratings on his MacBook, for his latest show on CNN-IBN channel - “The Nation Demands Answers”, that’s when his iPhone rang. He picked up his iPhone lying on his desk and casually looked at the name being display. It was Sushmita, he received the call and said “Hello honey!” Sushmita sounded scared and petrified as she said, “Rohit, please come home. Please, I’m scared; I guess someone has broken into our house.” Rohit was about to ask her to calm down when the call got disconnected.

Rohit called back Sushmita, her phone was ringing but there was no response. He looked at the clock, it was 9 PM, and he usually left for home after his 7 PM show. He was a renowned anchor on television and was known for his no nonsense, straight talks and had grilled many seasoned politicians and bureaucrats during television interviews in his career. He was a seasoned journalist now in his late forties.

He tried calling Sushmita again and this time the phone didn’t ring, he heard a message saying that the phone was switched off. Rohit shut his Macbook and shoved it into the bag, grabbed his blazers and ran out of his cabin. He hurried to the lift but as he was about to reach the lift the doors closed. He was in no state of mind to wait patiently for the lift, he ran down the stairs to the basement. He didn’t look around for his driver, he had the spare keys, and so he got into the car and drove past his driver onto the main road.

As he was driving back home Sushmita’s face kept flashing before his eyes. He reminisced how she had made a pass at him saying that he still looks sexy and handsome with his salt and pepper hair, when he was getting ready in the morning. The smile on her face as she waved at him when he left for work this morning kept flashing in his mind.

Rohit had never driven as fast as he was driving right now. He didn’t care about the speed breakers or the traffic signals; all he wanted was to get home as early as he could. On his way home he kept trying Sushmita’s number, but it was still switched off. He tried reaching her friend Amita who stayed next door, but no one picked the call. As soon as he reached his apartments he ran up the stairs and got to his house on the third floor. He was now gasping for breath, as he reached his house.

The main door was ajar, he pushed open the door. The lights were all switched off; he walked into the hall and shouted out for Sushmita. Suddenly then he heard the door behind him being shut, he froze for a minute. And then he felt soft arms of Sushmita around his waist, as she whispered into his ears “Happy anniversary honey.”  He turned around and took her into his arms and kissed her softly on her forehead and said “You had me there!” Sushmita smiled coyly, Rohit kissed her on the lips and whispered, “Happy Anniversary Su. Love you forever.”  

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!

P.S: After a mundane Tuesday morning at work what better then scribbling few words on the word pad to add some glitter to the dreamy nights. 


  1. Good one Vijay...But I think if the wife played such a prank on the hubby, she would receive a one-tight-slap for putting him through all the tension and stress before a kiss ha ha :D

    1. Thanks Jaish...
      Ha Ha Ha...Guess life is too short to slap each other... these moments of love... need to be enjoyed

  2. now that's a prank.. worth it!! thanks VJ :) <3

  3. If I were Woman (Sushmita) would be in such big time shit!!! Anniversary my ass; there are other things to deal with first...

    1. Ha Ha Ha... Bernardine :D Its all about creative freedom.... and about adding some smiles... Glad you are not Rohit :) But I'm happy you took the pain to read it :p

  4. For awhile you had me there! I was thinking of all the worst possible scenario. Thank god for the beautiful ending. Love it.

    1. Ha Ha Ha... I'm glad you enjoyed reading it... Thanks Rimly :)

  5. Awesome it is :):)

    1. Thanks Vinisha... Thanks for visiting the blog... Hope you enjoyed :)

  6. Nice ending, hadnt expected it. You have written really nice.. loved it..
    Not a prank i would like to be part of :)

    1. He HE He... Ah the prank was the heart of the story... Thanks... Glad you liked it :)

  7. Hello.
    Wow! You really had me going there too. My heart was racing thinking something untoward had happened to Sushmita. Nicely narrated again my friend. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing.

    How Fortunate I Am...

    1. Thanks Andy... Appreciate your kind words... Delighted that I had a seasoned writer hooked to my story :)

  8. Rohit is so sweet... And the couple seemed so in love with each other.. Wish i had that kinda love when i turn 40. LOL. Well written! Loved it!

    1. Thanks Della...Yeah such are the pranks people in love play on each other... You never know you might find your own Rohit or find the Rohit in the one you already have :)

  9. looks like men are more romantic.

  10. good post... will come back for more in the evening.... good morning fellow blogger

    1. oh god...i thought it was a more like an episode from a sitcom :)
      Good post cheers

  11. If I were the guy..I would have been so angry that the anniversary would have gone out of the window for me along with the ccake :P
    But its cute to know that you arent that type!

  12. the post was quite grippy and well freezed my thoughts for a while- beautiful ending though VJ:)


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