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Confession Of Love ......

The sun was going down; the sky was looking nothing short of an amazing piece of art with kaleidoscope of colours. They sat next to each other staring at the sun as it set. The evening breeze seemed to be playing with Chandani’s hair as they fell on her face. Rajiv gently moved her hair with his wrinkled hands to view her pretty face.

Chandani had received a courier this morning. She was surprised to see the initials “SM” with a smiley underneath, inked on the envelope. It was from him, she searched the envelope in which the diary had been carefully packed. She found a small note, which read, “I had promised you that one day you will receive something I have never shared with the world, my thoughts and my memories.”  

“Many say that you can love only one person at a time. If you are harbouring love for two then maybe you are not being true to one amongst them or maybe both. But then who are you to define love? Who are you to defy the love felt by others?” Chandani read aloud these words from the diary she held in her hands.

She looked at Rajiv, and said “Sameer loved me a lot. But then I somehow always felt our love story for was tad different from others. The boy and the girl didn’t live together forever, yet they lived happily ever after. I loved him for what he was and he loved me with all his heart. But then.... ” saying this she chuckled looking at Rajiv’s puzzled face.

“Sameer was different from the rest of the men I met in my life, for him I was not an opportunity. His love was not pity, his love was about respect. He could have had all of me, had he asked for it but he was not the one who just wanted to enjoy the moment to fulfil a need.”

Rajiv gently patted her back in a manner of consoling Chandani who now had tears slowly sliding down her wrinkled face. He was at loss of words, “I know you loved him dearly, I always knew.”

Chandani trying hard not to breakdown composed herself and said, “I’m sorry Rajiv to have waited for 27 years to admit my love for him to you. You always kept saying that I don’t love you the way you do. And all my life I kept denying it. I knew within my heart that I loved Sameer more than you.”

Chandani looked at Rajiv and continued, “I couldn’t admit it because I was scared I would break your heart. Before I met you I had lost many a battles of love in my life. Having known what it feels like to be rejected, I felt that I should not deny the love you seeked.”

“Years later I met Sameer and then instantly I felt a connection. He brought in a fresh breeze to my life which lacked passion. The moments of intimacy I spent in his company might be looked down upon by people as infidelity, but to me it was pure unadulterated love. But the fear of guilt within made me distance myself from him. And today as he rests in peace in his grave, my confession of love may not bring him back to life, but it sure does liberate my soul.”

Rajiv didn’t know how to react to all this. He stood up and started walking towards the waves which kept hitting the shores only to recede back into the sea. He stood there on the wet sand and looked up at the sky; he could see the moon lighting up the night sky adorned with twinkling stars. He tried to rub off the tears in his moist eyes and then turned around and walked up to Chandani.

He looked at Chandani who still sat there on the beach holding the diary close to her bosoms. He smiled at her meekly and extended his hands, she held his hands as she got up from the ground. He kissed her gently on her forehead and then they slowly started walking back to their house. As they walked away from the beach in silence all they could hear was the music of waves hitting the shore.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. Very interesting... Loved reading this post!

    1. Thank You... Glad to know that you liked it..:)

  2. Nice One Vijay!! Very mature thoughts indeed!! ;)

    1. Thank You... Glad to see your comments after a long time..:)

  3. Liked this story very much. A wonderful pair! Honesty equally met with maturity.

  4. Good read. Is there more to it?

    1. Thank You Punam... Well you never know the sequel/Prequel might me in the making in my mind..:)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Janaki, I am delighted that you liked it... :)

  6. Something for you to grab here -

  7. Dear Vijay,
    Oh how sad. Definitely tugged at my heartstrings. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these. Keep it up my friend. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations too on your award from Janu!

    The Idealists Of The World

    1. Thanks Andy, your comments always encourage me to keep writing

  8. This was so poignant, Vijay. It touched my heart

    1. I'm so delighted to here those words, means a lot for a rookie like me :)

  9. Replies
    1. Thank You... You bet I'm gonna keep writing..:)


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