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Love Sure Drives Everyone Crazy


I still remember the six hours spent together,
It was the rainy evening of June,
We parted ways with smiles on our face,
And you said darling we shall meet again soon.

It had been a dozen weeks since we last met,
But I still heard you whisper words of love in my dreams,
Your absence seemed to be driving me insane,
Attempts to console my aching heart was all in vain.

Weekends came and fortnights passed,
Days rolled by but we never met.
And then one day after months of wait,
We finally did meet, on a bright Sunday.

My eyes were moist, filled with tears of joy,
Couldn’t resist any longer, I took you in my arms.
You then softly kissed me on my lips,
My Lips were moist with tears of joy,
And I had finally found bliss.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. Hello.
    It is said absence makes the heart grow fonder. I hope she was worth waiting for! Nicely expressed. Thanks for sharing.

    Unfold My Heart

  2. oooh rooomantic..., lovely sweet simple from the heart poetry..grt :)

  3. romantic and sweet :) yeah love sure drives e'one crazy ...

  4. The same event creates different depths of feelings in humans;one may be consumed by an emotion while the other ?Who knows!

  5. ahmmm ahmmm ,I understand pain v well bt move on buddy ...let bygones be bygones:)

  6. Hope it's true!


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