Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Love Was Forever Selfless!

I sat there on the rocks in the burning sun,
The sea seemed to be still from distant shore,
Life seemed like a struggle for a pointless cause,
I thought it was all over now.

And then you walked in,
You made me believe in my strengths,
You gave me hope to face life with zest,
You took away all my worries.

Standing together today by the same sea,
Holding your picture clasped close to my heart,
I realize life without you is simply breathless,
For I know your love was forever selfless.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers &Peace!



    1. Thanks Portia for the kind words...

  2. That was some love poem. I hope she is there in your life loving you selflessly.

  3. Love is selfless, any other kind isn't love but a negotiation. Lovely poem.

  4. Aww! True love is love when its selfless beyond all logical nuisance. Its deep. Beautiful.


    1. Hey Mani... Thanks a ton... Glad you agree !

  5. One should be blessed to have found a selfless love....well depicted :)

    1. Blessed indeed.. Thank you Deepa !

  6. It ought to be an amazing, all-surpassing feeling, to know that someone loves you for whatever you are and does not demand anything in return. Well penned. :)

    1. Well It's true words can never express such a feeling.. Thank you !

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