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Chasing Big Apple Called Life And Other Random Ramblings

Nothing beats speaking and writing truth. But alas it’s seldom spoken and more rarely written. It’s not a crime to expect abundant adulation for what one believes is true talent. But then I think of it again is it selfish to feel so? Absolutely not!

Being born human it’s natural for one to expect returns. A little bit of support sure helps. I think again trying to flow along with the thoughts that emerge in my mind. It’s simply relieving when one simply expresses thoughts just the way they appear in one’s mind.

A lot of people say and true in the real world you are not good enough if you don’t know how to sell your thoughts. But I ask my soul tonight, how true is it? I hear words, - “It’s never worth to sell ones soul for a few moments of joy. The Joy felt is no different than finding a mirage in a hot and sunny desert.”

So now the question is why do I write then? Why do I express these thoughts brewing deep within my heart? I hear feeble words from within – “I’m human after all! What good are thoughts unexpressed, what good are they when not shared?”

It’s much better to be appreciated or be criticized for words and thoughts that you believe in. Than being spoken about for words written by you but are just words that you don’t believe in. Words written with the mere intention to please the masses and words written about things you believe in and loved by the masses are two different aspects. It’s for you to choose.

Thoughts are many which find no words to be expressed. Many a thoughts fail to find words; many a thoughts fail to be depicted in their true emotions.

Hypocrites! Not just the people around, but we ourselves are at times. It’s no crime to be heard by few souls amongst the billions who co-exist. For sure this life of ours is mortal. All that remains is memory when we are gone.

-         VJ Says ~ Cheers & Peace!


  1. How true Vijay. We all express out thoughts truthfully most of the time, at least I do but they are woven with some strands of fantasy too. I write because I need to let out all the pent up emotions and once I do I feel so much more at peace. And when it is commented on there is a kind of high. I think we all love people to acknowledge us but most importantly it is the letting go off what you feel through your words.

    1. Hi Rimly.Thanks for reading my post. Your blog is one amongst the few I follow and I enjoy reading your posts cause there is some kinda connect I guess. All I can say is keep writing... keep blogging.. keep rocking

  2. True VJ. What good are thoughts unexpressed? Nothing. In fact, it might be pain, unfelt. It might be happiness, shelved.
    Loved the way you expressed your deep thoughts VJ.

    1. Hi Mak... Thanks mate.. true words spoken by you too...keep rocking

  3. ...I will never sell my soul for anything...wonderful post Vijay! Thanks:)

    1. Hey Amit ji... Thanks... glad you agree with my thoughts.

  4. 'I think therefore I am' and this realisation that 'I' think is what I am.

    1. Cheers Portia... Thanks for summing up the essence my thoughts in few yet power pack words...

  5. Hello Vijay.
    So true. I am one who loves to write. To write is to feel. To feel is to live. To live is to love. There is so much of me in my writings but I put it across in such a way as to leave the reader wondering. Nicely expressed. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. Cheers Andy... "To write is to feel. To feel is to live. To live is to love." beautiful words... Thanks.. Glad you liked my thoughts..

  6. I am sorry for taking so long to visit your place....its wrong on my part,inspite of being the founder of my group BLOGGERS REFLECTION,I took my time.
    And I am happy I did so today,after a very long time,I am reading something that is "real"....I have truly believed that writing releases stress for me,and bis an outlet for my emotions,but off late I stopped doing so,because I realized I was writing to please others,for blog traffic,and for fame,and this made me feel so low and degrading...After reading your post I am feeling like making a come back again....Thank u for this one!!!

    1. Hey Alpana... Welcome to my world...BLOGGERS REFLECTION is a fantastic initiative... Kudos to you for that.. I'm glad my words have influenced you to make a come back...Cheers!

  7. expressive and commendable post :)

  8. It is so heartening to come across a genuine person like you.Approbation would be meaningless if it was for spurious words.

    1. Thank you Indu....Its my pleasure... Cheers!

  9. Very true! It's better to be genuine and not liked by people than be fake and liked!

  10. Geeta I heard you left your husband after heart attack. Neha

  11. this was soooo deep...and amazingly well written..have rd it thrice awrdy...awesome is d word


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