Friday, April 20, 2012

Scattered Beads, Timeless Emotions!

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Light peeked in through the cracks,
The cracks on my withered wooden door.
I saw a familiar shadow walking past,
I sensed someone walking on the silent floor. 

I walked up to the door to open it,
I felt desperate to silence my illusion.
I found beads you wore on your anklets 
Scattered all over the splintered floor.

I bent down and gathered them,
Placed them one by one safely in my palm.
Silver tear drops wet them silently,
As I clasped them closer to my heart.

The music has stopped long back,
Your dancing feet have disappeared.
Separated by time we live different lives,
But love still stays alive deep within the heart.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace !


  1. Beautiful... i could imagine the happenings..!

  2. Wonderful, vivid and emotionally charged. Well penned.

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  4. Very touching and beautiful poem...I loved the last two lines a lot!

  5. I loved the feelings painted over words that expressed the longings and touched me deep. :)


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  7. My mind will be like rocket science If I do ready any poetic language..But after reading these wonderful lines..I think I'm changed little bit now(Not bad ..I can get the lines in all virtual thoughts in real world.Superb bro

  8. 'seperated by time we live different lives' wow VJ...very nice expression of emotions. loved it


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