Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Search Of A New Sunrise!


He is in you, He is in me,
He is everywhere we seek, yet never found.
Baffled we stand for we failed to find it,
The thirst is unquenched,
Are we seeking an elusive fulfillment?

Truth a word so simple,
Yet it’s so hard to speak.
We sheepishly find solace in lie,
Scared to walk towards a true life.

Embroiled in fear we continue our lives,
Blame the destiny and fate for our defeats.
Silly it sounds; we fail to gather courage,
One right move is all it takes,
One right step towards a new sunrise.

-VJ Says ~ Cheers & Peace


  1. Hey VJ,Luvd this poem...nice flow of words;-)

  2. Great thought...amazingly beautifully composed, Vijay!

  3. hey did you change the look of yr blog????
    hmm nice one..!!


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