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Special Something Forever....

It’s not your fault that you had to go away,
You never promised you will be here forever.
I look back at the days gone by,
Smiling as the glimpses of past cross my mind

I stare at the table,
Sitting on it is the broken brown cup,
Reminding me of our pointless fights,
Our silly talks about kites and ego rights.

I flip through my diary,
A paper slips on to the floor.
I stare it hard till it gets wet with my tears,
It’s a half done sketch of you my dear.

Your broken red bangle
Safely hidden in the shelf,
It is all that I ever stole,
A remembrance now, for my troubled soul.

You had told me, you had nothing to offer,
I knew you would never be mine.
You had to go away,
And now you are gone.

Why? What if? Why not?
Some questions have no answers.
Your absence does hurt, but I regret nothing,
You are forever my special something.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. Absolutely delighted. I love this write. the 3rd and 4th stanzas were written very well.

    1. Thanks Shamsud... appreciate your detailed comments...Thanks again!

  2. Lovely , i wld say really beautiful n special poem;-)

    1. Thank you Elvira... Yeah its special in a way... ;-)

  3. sometimes even if you do not want you have to let go and with the beautiful memories move on, because life goes on:)

    a touch of sadness, nice:)

    1. Thanks Sancheeta.... True life goes on...but memories remain

  4. Replies
    1. I'm humbled that you are flattered! Thanks & cheers!

  5. Like d post! V nice!!

  6. Very touching poem.....really liked it :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

  7. very nice. well written...

  8. Beautiful, Vijay. Very poignant too. I love your choice of words.

  9. A truly touching poem which has captured the repentance and grief perfectly. I read it again.

    1. thanks... every emotion has its own beauty and thanks for finding it interesting enough 2 read it twice

  10. Whatever i want to say has already been said...consider all above repeated,i loved it !!

  11. Oh wow , Beautifully written .Mind Blowing !! keep posting

  12. Lovely! Absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring.
    They say when you are able to appreciate something effortlessly, you must know that a lot of effort has been put into it. :) Keep Writing..

    1. Thanks Rohu... appreciate that you do look beyond mere words ... cheers

  13. Touching words, and fantastic poetry!!


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