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What will people say?

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You like sketching and painting, you have been secretly dreaming of being an artist one day. One fine day you walk up to your parents and tell them you want to pursue a career in fine arts. The typical response is “Just because you do some silly sketching in your notebook you won’t become M.F. Hussain.”

You are young may be not strong enough from within to go against your cynics. Years go by, you graduate. You end up taking a job that pays you well. But your heart is still not into it. You again make an attempt to discuss the situation with your folks. The response you receive is, “What? You gone crazy?  What will people say?”

“What will people say?” is not just you hear your folks saying.... Even the neighbouring aunty who just happens to be an eternal visitor to your house to borrow sugar and milk every third day of the week also has the same response when she hears it too. Cynics are like rodents, you think you have ignored one and you will face hundreds may be even thousands the next moment.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have been in this kind of situation. “What will people say?” syndrome kills what could have been a beautiful life.

Everyone wants to do something that their heart desires. But only a few actually do it. And the ones who do are the ones who don’t feel demotivated by the cynics.

Well everyone may not become M. F. Hussain, William Shakespeare, Michael Jackson, Salman Rushdie, Picasso, Mozart.....maybe someone would like to be a businessman and entrepreneur like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg....... (You can keep adding names to the list.) The point is no one actually aspires to be them, what everyone wants is to become what their heart desires, create their own identities.

I know the world won’t change drastically tomorrow morning just because I wrote about it in my post tonight. I feel I have reached a point where it hardly matters what the world thinks.

Last night I remember chatting with a pal of mine who seems to be sailing in the same boat as me. The transcript of the conversation is as below;

****** The Beginning******

HE: I don’t know where this madness will lead me?
ME: It’s ok dude... just go with the flow. That’s what I have always done... Madness is a must to survive... else we are just another dead meat... and no matter how hard we try... we will never be the dead meat for sure...
HE: I Like it... I Like it... LOL :-)
ME: LOL :-) .... Cheers to good life!

****** The End******

I know where I’m headed.....  Well may be not really sure where it will lead to.... Life has its own share of mysteries... It’s always exciting to unwrap the gifts you get along the journey...

All I got to say folks the choice is always yours.... You pick what suits you best.... It’s either madness or dead meat! LOL :D
--------- VJ  Says ~ Cheers and Peace ---------


  1. Wow! 100% true... totally relate to the post cos i've just gone through the same syndrome... But i ve made up my mind not to give up so soon...

    One thing to always remeber, "Barking dogs seldom bite" ... Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna! :D

    Cheers to living dreams!

  2. well said and very well written...though i have always been a parent who supports her child in whatever she wants to do..if tommorwo my daughter turns around and tells me i wanna play in a band i will only encourage her as i have in my young age lived my life as per what evryone wanted me to live like..i wanted to be a model i got oppurtunities but my parents got me married and here i am today after 25years divorced and living my life on my own terms:)

  3. Lovely to have come to your blog.I have just done what everybody advised me against...chucked a handsome paying,safe secure job, to live my dreams. And yes people including family and colleagues were absolutely aghast.But I gained one thing I had lost over these 25 years ...the dreams are back in my eyes and my mind. I hope I can make them come true.Well written ,Vijay.

    1. Glad you liked it Poonam... Fantastic words by you... Wish you luck and success in your en-devours

  4. Good Post about a topic close to the heart of most people. However some people are not able to do what they want to do due to their circumstances or because they don't know how......

    Btw I have an award for you to pic up. Please take it from my blog :)

  5. Another person in the there enough space? :D

    1. Plenty of space Ana... We shall get a bigger boat for sure there are plenty likewise people in the hiding

  6. I really like this post, mostly because it can connect to almost anyone who reads it. For me, personally, it is like a mirror of sorts. I'm one of the freaks of the family, with a science background and all engineer relatives, I'm the odd one out drowning myself in shakespeare and sidney. And the rodents - man, they become all the more nasty with the passage of time. :P

    Thanks for sharing. :D

  7. so "madness" is the mantra! :D a very well written post. i wish to encounter my own share of madness in the future

    1. Thanks Della.
      Yeah No Madness... No Life... He He... Cheers Take care..

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  9. You have a beautiful blog & this was a wonderful's youngsters are lucky,they are getting more depends upon the person concerned to be brave enough to rock the boat.

    1. Thanks Indu, Glad you liked my blog.
      Well as I always believe age is no parameter to start walking on chosen path...

  10. Hey Vijay! very well said man...but alas! I'm almost 'dead meat with madness'...your post has encouraged me to get rid of the dead meat. I'm obliged! Thanks..Cheers!!

    1. You have become quiet regular with your blog Mr. Aag... Like the way it is shapping... Keep blogging

  11. Great saying,well written and true

    1. Thank You Viya... Thanks for stopping by too

  12. Great Post. Each one to his madness.

    One who goes ahead and ignores"what will people say" always lives his life the way it was meant to be.


  13. Thats really inspiring post from you Vijay...Take a bow..:-)


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