Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank you for the sweet memories!

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Why did we ever meet?
If you knew we had to part.
You disappeared silently into the dark,
Leaving me with an aching heart.

I sat alone on the rusted bench,
Lost in thoughts under the big purple tree.
I wish it was as easy as people say,
To forget you and set my soul free.

A little voice in my head spoke to me,
“Life is a journey, destiny unknown,
People meet for reasons unknown,
Everyone has a purpose, they play their part,
Some stay with you and others depart.”

As I stood up to leave I told myself,
Life is such; we all have our share of agony,
I walked back home with a silent smile,
Thanking her within for the sweet memories.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. As always, loved it...
    I hope its not your story, cos Pisceans and heartbreaks dont go well, do they? ;-)

    Beautiful flow of words.. You have a way to make the reader be one with your thoughts for a brief while!

  2. You're tagged! :D

  3. Wow! very nicely written :)..Everyone has a purpose to come in our lives, wish we knew what it was!


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