Friday, January 20, 2012

A Tender Story Of Love Unexpressed!

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She sat alone on the rock starring at the sun,
It was sun set and she was the only one.
I saw this girl every evening at the park,
She used to stay back until it was dark.

I always wondered who she was,
Always wanted to know what her story was.
She was beautiful and I was no one,
Silence is all that we had in common.

We were like the two strangers,
World around was new.
Glances exchanged every day,
But words spoken were few.

For days we kept meeting each other,
Our talks never went beyond a ‘Hi’!
I was too busy in my own world,
And guess she was busy in her own.

I felt a sense of familiarity when she was around,
Yet she was like an enigma, unexplored.
Wondered if this was the way it’s always going to be,
Will her story remain always untold?

May be it was her enchanting face,
Or was it her silent smile.
Something about her hinted,
She was the princess I never had.

Then one fine evening I went there early,
Hoping today would be the day of our rendezvous.
I waited in anticipation but she never came,
Sunset was long gone, but I still waited.

She never came that evening,
And I never saw her ever again.
May Be I waited for too long to tell her,
A silent love stayed buried in heart forever.

-       VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. Cheers and peace :P
    stunning verses !
    great stuff :)

  2. wonderfully put

    loved the grace of the poem and the flow of the stpry

  3. Unsaid love remains in your mind and heart forever.

    Beautifully written :)

  4. @ Deepak Karthik: Thank you.. Glad you liked it... cheers!

  5. @roopz: Thank You for tghe kimd words... cheers!

  6. @nuktaa: Thank you for stopping by my blog and appreciating my work. Glad to know you liked the post. Cheers

  7. @Bhagya: Unspoken words are at times the most painful... Chill Thank you for your comments and liking the post

  8. Left speechless...


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