Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tale Of - Life, Love & Heartbreak!

Heart breaks are never easy,
With time the pain subsides,
But the wounds leave a mark.

With the every passing day,
Marks of the wound become one shade lighter,
But the memories remain.

In the act of getting over the past,
Sometimes love happens again,
The cupid strikes yet again,
But we feel it’s never the same.

We are uncertain, unsure and insecure,
But we try to accept the new reality.
When the going gets tough, we turn to spirituality.
We try seeking answers of the questions of our heart,
We feel life’s getting disintegrated part by part.

We stand stranded in life,
We submit self to more pain and misery.
A hurt heart is broken again,
And then we blame our loveless destiny.

Now is the moment to pause in life,
Try reflecting on what went wrong,
All along the journey we never realise,
The medicine to all the pain is within us.

We loved everyone who crossed our path in life,
Smitten by their charm and magnificence,
But we failed; yes we failed to love ourselves.
Let’s give ourselves a chance yet again,
It’s our chance to change things for the better.

Shower all the love you can,
For once shower it on yourself.
No pride lost, no shame gained.
 If love is what you asked for,
And love is what you gave,
Then it’s time to sprinkle some on self.

Believe it when I say it,
Silly it may sound for now,
But when it happens you will realise.

Out there somewhere down the path,
The cupid will strike yet again,
Only this time it will strike the loving heart in you.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers & Peace!


  1. very nice poem..soulful...i wrote on similar topic a few months ago...its titled "that girl with the monalisa smile"...hope u like it :)
    congrats again on a good piece :)

  2. @ Prateek Mathur: Thank you buddy. Glad you liked what I wrote. I read your poem "That girl with Monalisa smile", It was good... cheers stay connected.

  3. @ gurucharan: Thank you bro.. appreciate you checking out my blog and reading it... Cheers


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