Sunday, January 15, 2012

She Shall Be Silent No More !

Remember the first time you cried.
She took you in her arms as a mother,
Showering you with kisses and sweet words
When you had no one to play,
And stood alone by the swing,
She was there as a sister to make you smile.
When you lusted for love in your youth,
She became your wife, whom you made love to.

You owe her for your birth,
You owe her for your smile,
She selflessly loved you all the while.
She was the one, who made all the sacrifice.

Today she is back in your life,
She is now your daughter.
But she is lonely and sad,
For she stands caged within the walls.

She has many a dreams, all unfulfilled,
She is stranded alone, her rights denied.
If the child was a boy, 
Then you would have rejoiced.
But she is a girl, is that her crime?

Why this malice and disparity?
Why have you created this inequality?
How can you be deaf to her screams?
Who are you to cage her dreams?

Is this how you repay to the creator?
Guess you have forgotten your debts.
A woman is the reason for your being
You will surely pay for all your wrong doing.

She will not stand silently by the door,
She will not be suppressed anymore.
Realise it now before it’s too late,
She has the power to change every man’s fate.
She sure knows how to fight and win,
At least now stop committing the sin.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!

P.S:  We are currently in the 65th year of Independence. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We as a nation brag about having best of intellectuals and few of the richest men in the Forbes list. We talk about how the nation has progressed industrially and economically. How women empowerment and employment have been given its due.

Yet every year in India, approximately 500,000 foetuses are aborted. You know why? It’s because they are female.

There were 8,172 dowry deaths in our country last year and there were 81,344 cases of cruelty towards women.  The actual numbers are probably much higher.

I do agree that everything can’t change overnight. But for the change to happen every one of us has to contribute. The change begins at home.

 I’m not asking you for your money, I’m asking you to spend few minutes of your life to take notice of these issues. In some way we all may be able to contribute towards a better society and a better nation.

Think about it! Peace out!


  1. @Archana Sirish: Thank you pal...Appreciate you reading it..

  2. A small counterpoint to this superb poem. You mentioned the nearly 1 lakh cases of cruelty against women registered per annum. What you might not be aware is that less than 5% of dowry harassment cases end in conviction. The reason for this, however, is because most of these cases are false allegations that are made to harass and extort money from people. These cases are proof of how even an unfair system can be taken advantage of by those who want to. Very important points brought up by you in the post. It is a shame that we are in this mess, but at the same time, what we need is all round upliftment, among both genders, among all classes, and at all levels, education, parenting, legal, healthcare, and in the politics of personal relationships.

  3. I agree with you, change begins at home and with each one of us.

    // But for the change to happen every one of us has to contribute. //

    If fathers are seen respecting the mothers; and if both the parents treat all their children, sons or daughters, without bias; if brothers don't hear their parents blame their sisters for 'provoking' sexual harassment; if sons are taught to do their share of chores at home.... we would see a better, healthier, less biased society.

    I also feel all family members should be self reliant, no sacrifices should be expected to be treated with respect; the member who doesn't earn should also have equal rights (or else house work would be seen as an inferior task); every member should have equal opportunity to find happiness and fulfillment. Society after all consists of families.


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