Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rambling Of A Wounded Heart!

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Sure tonight chips might be down,
In your eyes I might be nothing but a clown.
Laugh out you silly big world,
Laugh out loud for I’m down tonight.

Silence around isn't what world brought upon me,
It’s the solitude I choose away from deceit.
There is no sadness, no defeat, no shame,
I don’t want to be counted amongst the lame.

I sure could choose the path world walks on,
Compromising in life and toiling hard in disgust.
Agreeing always to the wrongs of others,
Selling my soul and killing my dreams.

I didn’t want to be you; 
I choose otherwise.
It’s sure a lonely walk for all,
When one pursues his dreams.

We will be laid to rest, One sooner than the other.
No one defies death, neither will I nor will you.
Resting alongside buried in the dark ground, 
Together we rest deep inside,
You sure know but hate to concur,
Who amongst us will have the last smile.

-          VJ  Says  ~ Cheers and Peace!

P.S: Sometimes the cynics around you might make you feel abysmal. Don't lose heart for you will keep meeting many such people in your journey. Listen to your heart and follow your dreams.


  1. So laugh out world because I am brave,
    To defeat I am not a slave.
    Tonight I am down
    Of loneliness is my cave...........
    But I am brave....


    Nice knowing you Vijay. Shenoy hints you are a konkani. I am too. From bhat family married to a baliga. Keep in touch.

  2. @Sush: Hey thanks for the poetic comments. Nice knowing you too. Yeah I'm a Konkani chap, currently in Bangalore. Sure we shall stay in touch! Cheers and Peace!


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