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Never Ending Journey Of Life!

When destination is unplanned,
Journey never ends.
If you ever think,
That you have reached,
That you have arrived,
Then think again.

Where you have reached,
Is only one amongst the many milestones.
Sometime later it will be time to pack again,
Get set and hit the road again.

Destination keeps changing,
The journey continues.
There is nothing to complain,
There is nothing to regret.
It’s never the destination,
The journey is the real teacher.

There is never anyone called stranger.
Every person you meet is a messenger.
Live the moment to the fullest,
Smile and laugh to heart’s content,
Cherish and rejoice every moment,
It’s all your and solely yours.

Always remember that you are the prince,
The one you saw in your dreams last night,
You are the one, who is destined to win every fight.
So keep ridding your stallion,
Your journey has only just begun.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers & Peace!


  1. Beautiful words!
    Wishing U a Happy New u say 'May peace Prevail'

  2. @Aksharaa : Thank you :-)
    Appreciate you liking what I wrote. Happy New Year to u2... Cheers n Peace!

  3. Hey Vijay..:)
    Ruhie Here..I really like your writing style.Keep up the good work.Thnx for dropping by my blog :)
    Keep Smiling :)

  4. @ KrazzyKi: Glad to know you like my writing... appreciate your comments... Take care... Cheers!

  5. "There is never anyone called a stranger, every person you meet is a messenger"...thought provoking

  6. "There is never anyone called a stranger, every person you meet is a messenger"...thought provoking

  7. @Sudha: Glad u read it and liked it if I may say so... Cheers Take care...


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