Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Melody of Life!

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Choices you make shape your life,
Sometimes truth is sharper than knife.
It’s never all that easy, world is filled with rats,
Have the heart to accept the facts.

Sometimes a whole life is spent,
And we still end up struggling to find answers.
Never realising that it was wasted time,
Always chasing a bunch of futile questions.

May be life’s best enjoyed in simpler ways,
The river never bothers about its path of flow,
Enjoying the journey with its twists and turns,
Ultimately it knows it has to end up in a sea.

Never think too hard about right and wrong,
Life is meant to be like a melodious song.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers & Peace!


  1. i realy like the contemporary touch to the poetry..well written:)

  2. The river philosophy may be true..It'll be so simple if we could all live that way..alas!

  3. @alka: Glad you liked it... thank you :)

  4. @Ana_treek: Yeah wishes are many... Its all about making things simple... Irony of life is we are turn things into something so complex in pursuit of what we thing is an act of making life simple.. :)

  5. nice poem
    last four lines wer superb

  6. Very nice poem! really felt good to read this at this point in time of my life....


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