Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love Me Or Hate Me!

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Love me or hate me,
But you still need me.
My name is money
And I’m not everyone’s honey.

For the ones who have me not,
I’m their love, they desire for the most,
I’m forever their elusive want.

For the ones who have me,
I’m their inner lust,
More they have me, more they want me.

And then there are the others,
The ones who had the most of me,
They loved me, cuddled me, cajoled me, kissed me,
And then one day let me go.

You can cause grief to others,
I will be yours.
You may make someone happy,
And I will be yours.

I will make you cry,
I will make you smile,
I will make you hate,
I will make you love,
Love me or hate me,
But you will still need me.

I’m your vengeance,
I’m your dream.
You love me too much,
I’ll make you pay.
You love me less,
I’ll make you regret.

You might be a sinister,
You will have me.
You might be a saint,
You will still have me.
Love me or hate me,
But you will never escape.
My name is money,
You will forever wish, I’m your honey.

VJ says  ~ Cheers & Peace !


  1. @kadaparaghu : Thanks mate... cheers appreciate ur comments :)


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