Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Life Spent In Your Loving Memory !

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I have been waiting by the window,
Hoping that one day you will be back,
It has been a long wait,
Yet my heart says you will comeback.

I still remember that day,
It was drizzling outside,
There was thunder and lightning,
And then it was drizzle no more,
It was a storm with heavy rain.

I was sitting by the window,
Waiting for you to comeback,
Hours turned into days,
And days into weeks,
But I never heard from you.

Heart grew weak as I was worried about you,
Finally one day they said,
The dead body by the lake was you.
But this silly heart refused,
It said my love can never die,
Everything people say is a lie.

With every year gone by,
This body of mine grew old.
There were nights when I woke up,
Cause I saw you in my dreams,
You stood there down the alley,
I would rush to the window,
I could feel my heart skip a beat,
As I would see a familiar shadow.

As I kept growing old,
Memories turned cold,
Years kept rolling,
Seasons kept changing.

And then that day it rained again,
People told me my wait was insane,
I was sitting by the window,
Just as I did in every rain.

Out there in the street,
I saw a little girl smile at me,
That toothless smile of her,
Reminded me of none but you.

I told myself she might be gone,
But she still stays alive,
In every smile around,
I know how silly it might sound,
But your memories will stay,
Fresh and glowing within me,
Always like the early morning dew.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. Beautiful verses Vijay...

    the never ending wait fr love in life, so beautifully expressed n captured...

    I knew someone who did this wait..also I've seen a buncha movies whr thr was always who did the wait...

    Beautifully written, Vijay :)

  2. @R-A-J: Thank you for visiting my blog. Glad to know you liked it. Appreciate your kind words.

  3. Hi Vijay,

    Another Blog of ur's which made my heart splutter....Simple but still very deep thoughts...

    As i always say,keep up the good work!

  4. @Archana Sirish: Hey thank you buddy... Glad you liked it :)


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