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An Entrancing Love Story !

I sat there in silence,
With my head resting on her lap.
She was warm and gentle,
It felt soothing and blissful.

As she caressed me and kissed me,
It felt lovely with her by my side.
As a gentle breeze blew,
I felt her hairs gently slapping my face.

I looked at her beautiful face and smiled,
I slowly whispered into her ears,
“I have missed you all these years.”
She replied with a twinkle in her eyes,
“I’m glad you said it,
I’m happy that you are here.”

I closed my eyes to sink in the moment,
I felt my cheeks getting wet,
I opened my eyes and looked at her,
Her eyes were filled with tears.

I sensed she was in pain,
She had something troubling her mind,
I asked her holding her hands,
What was she trying to hide?
Then she told me her story,
A story of silent pain,
She had been enduring all her life.

She was epitome of kindness and love,
She showered people with gifts of joy,
Nursed and comforted them in her shade.
When people came to her with sorrow,
She let them romance her with her beauty.
She let them pluck her flowers as memoires.

She was sacrificial in her love,
All that she ever asked for in return,
Was for a little love and care,
She was always happy to be of use,
Both in her life and her death.

She was first praised for her beauty,
And then violated every day.
And then they began to treat her like nobody,
Insulting and bleeding her with sharp chops.

First they asked for a part of her,
She gladly gave it away.
Then they kept coming back for more,
Until they had relished the whole of her.
I sat next to her in silence,
I kept thinking aloud in shame,
How could we have done this to her?
How could we all be so ruthless?

I stood up to leave, but she held my hand,
I turned around, hugged her tight with teary eyes,
With a twinkle in eyes she asked,
“Will you not kiss your darling good bye?”
I kissed her one last time as I walked away,
She stood there watching me leave,
Swaying with the wind and wishing me good bye.

P.S: I’m sorry if this was a tad too lengthy, but I guess it still falls short to explain how I feel about the happenings around us. A beauty called nature being destroyed everyday by us. I guess at least now we take that one critical step in restoring what we have been destroying.

“Save trees, Save nature, Secure a better future!”

Think of her as your love, She will love you back ten folds!

As usual my parting words.... VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. Hi Vijay,

    I think this piece of your work is completely enchanting.I loved the usage of words and the emotions you have woven around it.

    I read a couple of your blogs but this was the best!

    Keep up the good work and share the links with me!Good things need to be spread ;)


  2. @Archana: Thank you. Glad to know u liked what I wrote. Sure will keep you updated on the latest of my work being churned out in my brain factory.... Thank you again.

  3. of all, i like your post script very much, doesn't mean that i dint like the poem, it was marvelous read :)
    happy blogging

  4. your poems are really really amazing....

    the imagination and the way you express is brilliant...

    awesome sir... keep writing.. :)

  5. @Deepak: Appreciate your comments, Thank you. Glad to know you liked my poem. Cheers Keep visiting my blog for more :)

  6. @jaynthbusi: Thank you. Glad to know you liked it buddy! And hey thanks for the encouragement. Cheers!

  7. Truly moving lines. Our planet needs more thinkers like you. Do keep writing, since you have a way with words, and are able to express yourself in a genuine and unique manner. The greatest task for a poet is to find his or her own unique voice and language. Wish you all the best. Happy Sankranti!

  8. @subhorup dasgupta : Thank you for stopping by and spending some time reading my blog. Yeah I guess little contribution by all of us may be even with an attempt to voice our thoughts would be helpful.I did read your blog, good one indeed. Hey thanks for the festive wishes. Wish you HAPPY SANKRANTI too.

  9. @Somya Singh: Thank you for your kind words. Cheers Take Care!

  10. Hey Vijay....I love your style of conveying thoughts..To be frank,you can improve upon usage of words(just a small advice from my small self)..keep writing :)

  11. @alphaqsecc: Pleased to know u like my style. Thank you for your forthright opinion. Undoubtedly it’s a reasonably valid point which would most certainly help in convalescing my writing. Comments are always welcome from every reader ...Cheers stay connected :)

  12. Did i say u have a beautiful flow of emotions in your work??? ;)

    Yes, you should try getting better at usage of words. I see the beautiful idea behind ur poem though. Very creative... loved it.

  13. @Pranita: Thanks... Glad you read the emotions so well.. Appreciate your feedback... Sure I can write the same with with better vocabulary.. But at times it helps to keep the language simple... just like the thoughts ;-)

  14. Another lovely piece; so full of emotions.


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