Sunday, January 29, 2012

Broken Heart And Shattered Dreams!

He was a man, who came from a foreign land,
Spoke a language which I couldn’t understand.
But he was charming nevertheless,
I was flattered by him and his kindness.

The distance shortened, as days went by,
I loved to talk to him, I never felt shy.
There was a sweet feeling within, I had never known,
A lovely friendship bloomed between the two unknown.

Love was in air, it was like a fantasy coming true,
He told me,”The princess I dreamed of is indeed you.”
I melted into his arms slowly and softly with every kiss,
I could hold back no more and succumbed to his lure,
I felt it was like heaven on earth on a moonlit night,
He was soft and tender as we made love that night.

The morning sun was peeping through the window,
I was lying deflowered on my soft bed,
My eyes were searching for my love,
He was not by my side and had vanished from my sight.

I saw a paper on the table with a pen atop it,
With trembling hands I picked it up to read,
It read:
“You were lovely last night, I enjoyed every moment.
Try to forget me, if we were never to meet”

A sharp knife of hatred pierced my heart,
I had been cheated and now felt humiliated.
Love is what I gave him,
Lust is what he had in his mind.

I was crestfallen, couldn't take the disgust anymore,
I slashed my nerves and was lying in a blood pool.

Tears now slowly flowing down her cheeks,
She told me her story sitting next to me.
I sat there silently with no words to say,
What a heavy price a true love has to pay.

The old lady then got up to walk back to her home,
She looked at me with a smile and said,
“It’s easy to fall in love but difficult to mend broken hearts,
Life is beautiful indeed,
But be willing to face the difficult parts.”

-          VJ says Cheers and Peace!


  1. WOW.. These are just magical lines.. The entire story is so well expressed in these beautiful lines.. Loved it:)

  2. loved it...that was really a great one... :)

  3. Wow! finally a man who understands a woman's feelings..good :)

  4. Loved the idea, but why did u suddenly change from first person? Gotta little confused

  5. @My Never Ending Thoughts: Hey thanks... fantastic to know you Loved it!

    @Dee: Thanks buddy... glad to know u liked this one too!

    @CYNOSURE: Hey thanks a ton for visiting my post and liking it buddy!

    @Ana_treek: Hey glad that you felt the way you did! Thank You! Cheers!

    @confusedyuppie: The first person is used when the protagonist narrates her story to me (Imaginary) who is sitting by her side, and then a bit introspection seeps in as I make it obvious that its not a monologue but a conversation.

    @D.Nambiar: Thank you dear.

    @banti: Cheers and thanks!


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