Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ageless Love, Priceless Moments !

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I sat there by the glass window on the beach,
Waves kept crashing against the rocks outside.
Engrossed in thoughts, immersed in silence,
I could feel the silent tears of the heart inside.

It has been five years to date,
She was here once, now long gone.
I now live in memories of the past,
Some painful, some joyful but regretting none.

There is always a smile on my face,
Every time I remember her twinkling eyes.
Her soft words of wisdom and love,
I hear them still like a whispering breeze,
She was a woman unlike anyone else I met,
There was never anything to fret,
We were happy to be together always,
We completed each other like no one else could.

We had many a silly conversations,
Yes silly for the world, special for us.
She always told me in moments of silence,
She would be the first one to be gone,
For she feared she could never live alone,
Not without me if I was to be gone.

It was not always a fairy tale,
We sure had our fights.
But then we understood each other well,
It was all forgotten and forgiven,
Worries and pain had no place to dwell.

I remember she asking me,
As she sat next to me playing with my hair,
You are such a young man,
Why fall for an old woman like me?
I used to tell her always,
Age is just a number dear,
No one cares, no one shall remember?
It’s you, who I care for,
It’s you, who I love.
And the you my darling is not your body,
The you sweetheart, is your lovely innocent soul.

One fateful night, no words no whispers,
She walked away into the gates of heaven.
I sat alone with her head rested on my lap,
I never realised that she was gone.
I stood stranded on a deserted shoreline,
Her soul was liberated before mine.

I had sure read about angels,
But I had never met one in my life.
Years later I found one in her for sure,
The only one I could ever find in my life.

-          VJ Says Cheers and Peace!

P.S: An adoring story of young man who falls in love with an older woman he once met in his journey of life. But then age is just a number, she had a much younger soul. In her he found his angel. The beauty of Love is that, "Love stays on, even when the loved ones are gone."


  1. That was beautiful and very touching! I could understand the meaning of the poem even w/o reading your post script :)

  2. very very nice and overwhelming ;) luvd it

  3. @SR: Thank you for visiting my blog... Glad to know you liked it... appreciate your kind words :)

  4. @Archana Sirish: Thank you... worthy effort at last :)


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