Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Secret whispers to a loved one!

Wonder aloud where you had been,
All these years I have been searching for thee,
There is a tiny heart in me,
Which simply beats with every breath for thee!

Thy smiling face has a story,
Which you never shared with me,
May be some story of joy and happiness,
And few story secret known to self.

There is a fragrance to freshly brewed tea,
The one who tastes has a feeling unique,
For it speaks a language,
Language known to less,
But surely understood by no one but self,
It’s just like a story untold, a secret unshared.

Secret wish I tell my heart,
If it comes true, I will forever be glad,
A fairy tale ending is for a few,
You are a magic, for I'm sure that is true!

-          VJ Says –Cheers n Peace!


  1. @ Anonymous : Thank you. Glad you loved it :-) Appreciate your comments, considering that I get only few of them.


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