Saturday, December 24, 2011

May Be Life Indeed Is Much Of A Number Game!

Photo Credit:!/vinay.cygnus

Life is so much of a number game,
Years add up to our age,
People around get divided with passing phase,
We all strive hard to minus our rage,
All we want to is multiply moments of happy face.

What’s that we all chase all our life?
It starts with money, but it never ends with fame,
Slow down and pause, look at life frame by frame,
It’s not too hard to realise,
All that you gained never eased your pain.

Sometimes we try hard to search for the truth,
Some call it the peace, others call it a dream.
Wondering aloud if the ships will ever reach the shores,
Or will they be left floating in mid sea.
Every journey has a beginning and an end,
But you can never have it easy, without any bend.

-          VJ says ~ ‘Cheers n Peace!’


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