Friday, December 30, 2011

Lovely Princess And Charming Boy!

Long long ago... in a far away dream land... there was once a princess and her name was CECILIA! She was known to have the most beautiful smile in the world.

Prince of all the neighbouring kingdoms wanted her to be their queen. They were all flattered by her beauty and smile.

Every prince tried his best to woo her but she never fell for their trap. She was not just beautiful but smart too and always tricked all her suitors.

In a small village miles away from her kingdom lived a simple boy Aron. He was always busy with his sheep’s and flute. All the poor boy knew was the small world of his own he lived in. He was Unperturbed by the happenings in the world around.

Once princess Cecilia was very sad and wanted to get away from the glittering palace she lived in. She decided to ride her horse Fantasy, to the hills across her river. She dressed herself in the clothes of her maid and decided to ride to the hills.

Her horse Fantasy was tired after the long ride. Cecilia decided to take her horse to the nearby lake Marina to quench its thirst. When she reached the pond she found a boy sitting on a rock on the banks of the lake playing the flute with closed eyes. She was mesmerized by listening to the music and was swept off her feet to see charismatic Aron surrounded by his sheep’s that seemed to be enjoying his music too.

When Aron opened his eyes he was startled, yet amazed to find ever so charming Cecilia sitting by his side. But Aron didn’t know she was the charming princess who was the talk of the whole kingdom. No words were spoken, just the eyes met each other and smiles exchanged. Aron presumed she was a maid who worked at the palace.

Slowly friendship bloomed between Aron and Cecilia. The friendship bloomed into love with every meeting of theirs at the banks of the lake Marina. Aron played the flute and Cecilia enjoyed to listen to it with her head resting on his shoulders.

The king got to know about Cecilia’s secret love and was enraged that his daughter a princess had fallen in love with a silly shepherd boy of his kingdom. Prince Zurich of neighbouring kingdom who had always lusted for Cecilia promised the king to capture Aron if the king promised to marry his daughter to him. The king agreed to this as prince Zurich was heir to the rich and powerful neighbouring kingdom of Monera.

Prince Zurich with his men went to Lake Marina. They hide behind the bushes waiting for Princess Cecilia to arrive to meet her love Aron. As soon as Aron reached the banks of the lake Marina with his heard of sheep, the soldiers of prince Zurich pounced upon him. But Aron was a valiant young boy he fought the Zurich and his soldiers fearlessly and defeated them.

Asidus who was the minister and close confidant to the king let him know about prince Zurich’s wicked plan to marry Cecilia and capture the kingdom. So the king rushed to the banks of Lake Marina and he saw Aron selflessly putting his life at risk to fight against Zurich to save his love, Cecilia. Zurich was defeated yet Aron decided to spare him and forgive him for what he had done.

Zurich was ashamed and confessed to the king about his wicked intent. Aron requested the king to forgive Zurich. The king was impressed with Aron, for he was not only brave but also kind, even to his enemies. The King was mighty pleased with Aron and decided to marry his daughter Cecilia with Aron. That’s when Aron realised that the girl he was in love with was actually the charming princess.

Aron was knighted and made a prince. Cecilia married Aron and they lived happily ever after.

-          VJ says – Cheers n Peace!

P.S: I have never before tried writing a fiction. This one is more of a fairy tale, my first. It might sound quiet silly, but I enjoyed writing it. Thanks to the one who enthused me to writing it ! A conversation sometimes can be very interesting, interesting enough to inspire to write!

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