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Lady with enchanting smile & a story untold !

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There is a magic in your smile,
There is a story in your eyes,
May be someday darling,
You will let me be a part of your life.

Concealed within you are your emotions,
Emotions of joy and kindness,
You share it all with no reticence,
Spreading happiness everywhere you go.

At times your eyes speak of the less spoken,
I can see what you try hard to mask.
You too carry a burden,
A burden of pain, unspoken.

Let me in, Let me share,
For my heart does care.
Let me help you clear the haze,
For you deserve to stay happy always.

~ VJ says Cheers & Peace !


  1. @deeps: Thank you... appreciate that you visited the post and liked it too :-)

  2. I loved the first and the last paragraph. Good to see another poetry blogger. Keep writing...:)

    Also, love this phrase:
    "Burden of pain"

  3. Both your poems and posts are too good!:)

  4. lovely words! it gives a warm feeling of being cared. :)

  5. nice choice of words . . glad i found another poetry blogger out here . . keep posting :)

  6. seriously I'm short of words...I loved it...awesome work...keep scribbling... :)

  7. Beautiful Poetry! Does this have any connection to reality Vijay?? :P If yes, she should be impressed by this time :)

  8. AWW.Gorgeous lines I fell for...

    There is magic in your smile
    There is a story in your eyes.

    Keep up the awesome work buddy!! :)

  9. wow wow wow...

    too good and so meaningful !

  10. So beautiful.. loved it. I love these straight from the heart poems/ posts.

    your newest follower and a regular visitor now:)

  11. Very nice Vijay dear...keep it up!!

  12. Very nice Vijay. The poetry brings out the innocence and the honest appreciation which most of us long for. I loved the sweet innocence it talks about, the eyes, the smile- they add a lot of beauty to the poem.

    Good going mate :)

    1. Hey yeah few moments bring out such emotions... Cheers..

  13. lucky lady, wonderful poem that describes her smile as well as sorrows.

    very well written Vijay:)


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