Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frozen thoughts on a cold night!

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It’s one of those cold nights when you sit in silence. Sit there on a rocking chair, with a glass of wine by the fire. Sit there, starring at the Orange-Red-Yellow flame in silence. You sit alone with no intent to do anything, but just to enjoy that moment. 

Imagination is a wild power; a well controlled one can be wondrous. Sometimes it helps to be in the shadow of imagination. Letting you explore thoughts which others may term impractical. 

Back to the rocking chair and the warm fire. May be a gathering of like minded around the fireplace would make it even more interesting. Thoughts being exchanged or may be travelling together down the memory lane. 

It’s in moments like these that you miss your friends. Few of those people who mean so much to you. The bond is not that of blood but those of trust and kindness. The ones who always called a spade a spade and you never minded their bluntness. 

May be when we grow older we find fewer of such trust worthy lot. And then you come across few strangers too. Who are quiet intriguing, a few interesting conversation and then they are gone. But they always leave behind great memories. 

How many times has our heart not desired, that one amongst those strangers turns out to be the special one. Guess we all do, but too shy to admit. Lucky are a few for whom it’s a fairy tale ending. 

The idea of a fireplace and rocking chair is incomplete without the imagination of it being in a castle built with rocks. May be even it being a small rock house. That would make it sound perfect. 

Wondering aloud how silly it all seems. Silly imaginations, right? Yet we enjoy it, don’t we? May be someday it will all be true. For now it all looks perfect in the painting hanging on my wall. 

 ~ VJ says – Cheers & Peace!

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