Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A blunt knife may never kill anyone, but a blunt truth does!

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It was half past midnight and I was looking at the photographic escapade of a pal of mine. One amongst them grabbed my attention. Nothing too exceptional about it, just another knife lying on the floor right!

A careful second look made me feel as if there is a story behind this inanimate object. Sometimes it’s just a way you look at things in life, which makes all the difference.

A blunt knife! What harm can it do to anyone after all? It’s just lying down there on the floor, lifeless, may be it feels useless to have one. 

Another look at the knife and I ask myself...  “How about if I was to personify the knife to truth?”  That’s when it all changes.  No one likes them, do we?

“Blunt truth”, seldom can we take it when truth hits us hard, hard where it hurts the most! I don’t claim to be a saint who has seen it all and can bear it all.

Yet another look at the photograph and I’m lost in thoughts again. At times even when it’s a blunt truth spoken, it’s kind of talking to deaf ears. People just shrug it off, is it their ignorance or sheer arrogance. Arrogance of not heeding to what you have to say.

But someday the bluntness in you words might awaken their asleep souls; it might just kill their fallacy that they are always perfect and sole crusaders of righteousness.

I take a last look at the picture and I sign off by saying... “A blunt knife may never kill anyone, but a blunt truth does!”

-          VJ says ~ ‘Cheers n Peace!’

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