Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Abstract Cry Of A Silent Heart!

I spoke to her tonight; it had been a long time,
She has not changed, she will never, I know,
I have not changed, I will never, I know,
People say, with time things change,
If you ask me, some things don’t.

Feelings within the heart,
Feelings of the mind,
They are never what they seem to be,
Years go by, but feelings never change,
You may hide them, Lie about them,
But you can’t kill them.

This ain’t poetry; this ain’t lyrics of a song,
So don’t try to find errors to be fixed,
If you can, try finding the masked emotions,
Try listening to the silent cry of a foolish heart.

Then in few minutes it was time,
It was time to part ways,
One soul had to go to sleep,
The other had failed to seek.

Whether it is said in words or not,
Life will always have a dream,
A dream to express the love of the heart,
A dream to be together forever,
One day, some day,
The two souls will be together forever,
Hope always triumphs if not today,
It may be tomorrow for sure.


  1. Truly a nice one ,Probably the first that caught my attention ..among many of your writes /i read this twice . -Kunal Dutt.


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