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Another Day Gone By!

A few minutes back I wanted to start this conversation by saying: “I just finished reading Absolute Khushwant by Khushwant Singh with Humra Quraishi a few days back.  Liked it very much, he has been one of interesting personalities I have known in my lifetime.” But then a few minutes later I didn’t know what to write further. Well there is no doubt he is an amazing personality, someone who has always written fearlessly for sure. The best part of the book was cover page, It summarised the content in just one line “ The Low-Down on Life, Death and Most Things in-Between.”

And then my thoughts wander back to the sight of an old lady. She is the vegetable vendor who sits outside a shop near my house. This lady is very much an interesting character indeed. She is old but not hapless. She is a very jovial business woman indeed. I see her always having an interesting conversation with almost all her customers. They all seem amused by her sheer enthusiasm.

I again hit a dead end. Not sure what more I can add about this old women. I have never had any conversation with her. I have never bought any vegetables from her. But whenever I look at her as I pass by her shop, she always has a smile on her ripe face. I see her smiling at me as if she knows me dearly. That smile at times is very reassuring.

As I get set to hit the bed and kiss the world good night, there is a flash and I see the face of the old lady, smiling as she always does. Somewhere deep within, I feel it’s a mystical way in which almighty is trying to reassure me, that there are plenty of kind hearts in this world. A world which he never wanted but has now turned into place less kind and less joyful.

Cheers n Peace! 


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Awakening Of the Inner Self!

It was yet another Friday or billions of earthlings. May be it was a mundane day ahead for some and exciting for others. An exciting day ahead for the ones who were certain of the joy to be unwrapped the next day, the weekend. Well, in my case it was the former. Blame it on being one amongst the many who work on Saturdays.


Words stringed together,
With more than a dash of emotion.

It all began with element of curiosity,
To unravel the unknown in each other.

Word for word were matched,
Unboxing the closet thoughts,
Like a flowing river, they exchanged thoughts unabashed.

Yet each held back some part of themselves,
It wasn't the end, but a beginning,
A beginning of a shadowed tale of mystic longing."

~ Peace and Love - VJ

Sweet Song of The Soul

The distance between us questions possibilities,
Two souls who connect yet shall stay detached,
Life running along parallel tracks that shall never meet,
Yet hope says they would someday be entwined.

UnInhibited feelings spoken, thoughts exchanged,
Unassuming how the world would read them,
Prejudices can't be fought, let free thoughts sail,
It's a battle less spoken, but I know many shall be fought.

Feelings expressed in words for many are view points,
Sometimes misunderstood, unacceptable for few.
Thoughts expressed are sometimes song of a bleeding heart,
These emotions maybe shunned by many as no art.

Questioned and unacceptable orphan thoughts,
Wish to die accepted, but denied and stay detest.
Don't let yourself be consumed by the opinions of others,
Your soul deserves a sweet song, let it be one about it's zest.

-VJ says ~ cheers and peace