Thursday, October 13, 2011

Once there was a crazy young lad!

What you deserve is what you desire,
What you gain is what you are destined.
Yet you keep building the castle of your dreams,
For you hope desires will turn into your destiny.

Some truth and some lie,
Mix them both and you have life,
All that you get is not what you seek,
No point standing silent,
This place sure is not for the meek.

What you believe is what you follow,
You stand by them, cause those are your ethics.
Seldom do the others out there care,
For they feel you are a preacher,
And they have no time for philosophy.

Sometimes you end up confused,
Standing and starring at the cross roads,
Just keep walking on the path you choose.

It’s better to try than fear,
Never look back, never regret,
There is nothing to lose.

When it all ends one fine day,
Someone somewhere is sure to say,
Once there was a crazy young lad,
He did what he believed in,
He never feared to be sad.

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