Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mystical! Magical! Numinous! Or Simply – “Music!”

Many years ago I heard a song called “Dooba Dooba” by a band called “Silk Route”. Didn’t know who was the lead singer then, but his voice made a distinct impression.

As I sit comfortably in my cushioned chair to share my thoughts I’m listening to Mohit Chauhan on MTV Unplugged! Amazing musician, his music brings a breeze of fresh air, mountain air to be more precise. He has a soulful voice. His music lightens up the whole mini world of mine.

Music has always occupied a large part of my life. Although I’m terrible at singing and I don’t know to play any instrument. Listening to music has always given great high. I’m sure many would agree to its magical, mystical and intoxicating effect. When I’m with music, I’m never alone.

Music has been my companion, during my not so long, yet not so short walk back home from office.  It’s an amazing feeling, walking on the crowded street with music in my ears. Deaf to the noise and chaos of the world, I feel the high as if in trance because I’m tripping. Tripping on opium called music.

Many a days when heart feels heavy with sorrow, tears roll down my eyes. But then when I switch on the music, the ice of grief melts down and soon evaporates into thin air. Joy conquers the troubled mind and smile emerges on my gloomy face.

No matter what mood you in, there is music to suit it. It’s time for some more music now..... Music that would light up the dark path, leading to the paradise of ecstasy.

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