Monday, July 4, 2011

Thoughts Of Life, At The Stroke Of Midnight!

Blank mind is like a white canvas,
Choose your thoughts carefully,
It’s about adding colors to your life!
A chance to create your own painting,
A portrait called Life!

We walk on paths unknown,
Believing that these lead to our destiny.
But every path we take, splits into two,
The choices we make shape our destiny.

Dreams are signs of days ahead,
We may never realize what they speak of.
Dreams are hopes of a beautiful tomorrow,
A silent wish we seek with true hearts.

Love we search in every object of desire,
Love we search in every passing soul.
Seldom have we realized to Love our self,
Is the first step in seeking it in others.

A handful of colors missing from the canvas,
A few moments of joy robbed from life,
Thoughts incomplete make an incomplete life,
And the struggle continues for a meaningful life.

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