Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memoirs Of A Life Gone By......

Was standing alone by the shattered window,
Lost in thoughts of years gone by,
World seems all changed now,
Frowns have replaced smiles on the face,
We are all just a part of an endless race.

Wish to have a few silent moments,
Moments of freedom from strife,
All I seek is moments of tranquility,
Far away from the world filled with animosity.

The joy of innocence is lost in time,
I wish I could relive the magical moments again.
It was a different world, filled with blissful colours,
The music of life was different then.

Challenges are not what I fear in life,
We evolve with every passing day,
But all I wish is in the battle for better,
We don’t end up losing the innocence within.

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